What is The R-n-R Hour™?

Good Morning Everyone,

I extend my deepest gratitude for visiting The R-n-R Hour. As the author, I created this site as a simple reminder that we should always take the time to Reflect and Reconcile with the negative thoughts plaguing our minds. By honoring this moment, I genuinely believe that we can overcome self-criticism and achieve a connection to our higher self.

Through storytelling, my mission is to embody this reminder. You can refer to my portfolio of work on for all of my current stories. Also, I manage a bi-weekly blog where I post on a plethora of topics in spirituality and philosophy. I hope you enjoy reading these blog posts as much as I love writing them.

All in all, please check out His 7 Deadly Kins! The eBook is now available for purchase on Kindle eBook (Amazon). Thanks, everyone, and I will see you all later this morning for Blog #1: How to Overcome Negative Thoughts with One Simple Trick.

All the best,

The R-n-R Hour

© 2020

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