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Ray's Monologue Part 3

This is a transcript from Ray’s Monologue Part 3.


Hi everyone,

Welcome back to another bonus episode of Ray’s Monologue.

To give you all a quick update on our program.

First, I am still working on Season 1 for His 7 Deadly Kins.

I just need to finish recording the first episode.

Ugh…don’t worry everyone, the story is complete.

I’m just really recording the audio at this point.

So, it shouldn't take me too long.

Nevertheless, you should see that episode by mid April of this year.

By the way,

For those who don’t know.

That episode on mid April is titled: Who said the cave has to be your cage?

And to give you all some background on His 7 Deadly Kins.

This story comes from a short novel I wrote and published in the year 2020.

So yeah, I am definitely excited to share this with you all.


Okay, lets see.

That is the only update for our program.

Alright, moving forward to the next topic.


I am currently on vacation with my wife in Nashville, Tennessee.

We are celebrating both of our birthdays.

And if I get some time, I will record some videos of our trip.

I’m thinking about recording the downtown area, a museum or two, and possibly the campus of Vanderbilt university.

And I will say this for sure.

Nashville is definitely an aesthetically beautiful, vibrant city.

So, stay tuned.


And you will be able to see that footage on my YouTube channel The R-N-R Hour.

But, enough of the small talk.

Let me get to the meat and potatoes.

This is our third bonus episode.

And for today,

I will be sharing my random thoughts on American culture from the early 2000s,

And I will be addressing the question:

How did the rise of Silicon Valley impact the America we see today?


ladies and gentlemen,

This episode is going to be heavy.

But I promise it will still be fun.


This random thought about American culture in the early 2000s came from watching the show, The Drop Out.

Great show by the way.

It’s in the first season, and it follows the story of Elizabeth Holmes.


To give you all a brief synopsis of the show.

Elizabeth Holmes, in The Drop Out, was a founder and chief executive officer of Theranos. A biotechnology company that soared in valuation after they claimed to have revolutionized blood testing

And check this out everyone.

They revolutionized blood testing by developing methods that could use surprisingly small volumes of blood. Long story short. She or the company per say lied. Theranos did not have the capability to do this. And sadly, they went ahead and marketed their technology as if they could do it. Putting…possibly millions of lives in danger.

Oh wait…

Sorry for the spoiler alert for anyone who wanted to watch the show.


Anyways…After 4 episodes, this show really made me think.

How did the early 2000s culture in America play a role in how I see and interact with the world today?

And I immediately stopped in my tracks when the words came to me.

Silicon Valley,

Are you confused?

Let me explain.

I saw in the early 2000s a shift in American culture,

And it was led by folks like Steve Jobs and other titans of Silicon Valley.

I will help you all remember the 3 key words for that time.

Innovation, Technology, The Future.

Well…I distinctly remember how it all sounded great.

And I especially love the first versions of the Apple cellphone and the tablet.

Overall, the early 2000s was a pretty cool time for tech products.

—---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But, let us refer back to the question I am addressing for this podcast episode

How did the rise of Silicon Valley impact the America we see today?


Now, we were able to get a lot of fun toys but there was another side of the Silicon Valley culture in the early 2000s that directly influenced what we are seeing in American culture in 2022.

We saw, on the other side of that Culture a motto, be the first it doesn't matter if you were right or if all of the kinks are ironed out. If I remember correctly, the exact words were Just be the first.

You might be asking. What is the problem Ray? Everybody wants the shine, right? This world is competitive, so you can’t wait for things to be perfect.

Well…lets break it down further.


Yes, you are correct.

being the first brings financial rewards and fame.

However, it requires an immense amount of time and energy.

And from my experience,

You are consistently devoting all of your time and energy to achieve a quick turnaround time for results or beating your competitor to potential clients.

So, even though…

You are receiving financial rewards and fame for the company.

This circumstance creates Burn out for their employees.

We can look at the job market since 2020.

Employers have been experiencing a Great resignation.

Were…To be frank, the everyday person is tired of giving all of their energy to companies who just want to be first in order to increase their bottom line.

I hope everything is starting to become clear? Are seeing how the Silicon Valley culture is impacting our current culture?


If not,

It's cool.

Maybe it's me and I over analyze this tv show.

But I couldn't help but think.

The rise of Silicon Valley culture in the early 2000s brought a lot of cool, fun, never before seen tech products.

Unfortunately, this culture also brought a demand for all other products to be in the hands of the American consumer at a rate that a lot of these companies could not honestly meet.

So, as I am currently observing 2022 I am seeing a lot of burn out from employees and even employers.

And sadly, I am starting to come to realization for all of us.


The right amount of pressure will break anyone.

Especially when you are the first of your kind.

This is why I am suggesting.

Lets take a deeper look into the early 2000s culture from Silicon Valley.

Because I know one thing for sure.

I see its impact all around me.

Especially, as this world seems to get faster and faster in technology with each day.


That’s enough from me.

These are just random thoughts I wanted to quickly share.

And my hope is to expand this conversation at a later time with more people.

Nevertheless, thank you all for listening to my random thoughts.

Peace and blessing.

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