His 7 Deadly Kins. [Sample Part 1]

Updated: Jul 2

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share a sample of my first book, His 7 Deadly Kins. I published it around September 2020. If you like it, please like this post, and I will share more! You can also email me at for a complete copy of the sample.

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The R-N-R Hour™


Act 1

Episode 1

"Who said the cave has to be your cage?"

As he raised his leg into the air, Sydney graciously twirled to the applause of the crowd. Feeling their unconditional yet frivolous love, Sydney decided to continue his performance. Thinking quickly, he grabbed several eggs from a carton and thought to himself.

"This should keep the audience's attention."

With ease, he was able to juggle a few eggs at first. The audience's cheers grew louder and louder. Sydney increased his speed. Feeling a deep sense of satisfaction, he thought.

"Dude. Everyone is so chill."

Sydney took the time to enjoy this moment. He was genuinely happy to be the source of entertainment and joy. Everything was smooth until he felt an egg directly hit him on the forehead, and he fought with all of his might to stay upright but to no one's surprise. Sydney fell flat on his face. The cheers from the crowd turned to uncontrollable laughter and boos. When he got back on his feet, he was embarrassed. As he brushed the egg off his face, he looked around to discover the culprit. Frank, his prison cellmate, waved at him. Sydney wanted to laugh with the crowd, so he waved back to Frank and said.

"Good joke, Frank!"

Sydney decided to close his eyes, and he joined the crowd at laughing. He wanted to maintain his energy with the flow of the audience. When all of a sudden, the lights in the chow hall miraculously turned off. There was an immediate response from the equipment, and the temporary stage lights turned on and pointed directly at Sydney. The change rattled him, and Sydney froze with fear. Out of nowhere, a scream went across the chow hall.

"Who did that?"

A correctional officer on the second floor turned the lights back on in the chow hall. The lead correctional officer surveyed the room, but he had difficulty finding the culprit. So, he decided to bark standard orders to regain control.

"Everyone! Get on the ground!"

All of the prisoners hit the ground except for Sydney. He was still in shock. The lead correctional officer kept yelling at him, but Sydney did not comply. Frustrated with his disobedience, the lead correctional officer tackled Sydney to the ground and then kneed him in the face.

"You were told to hit the ground. Boy, are you stupid?"

Picking up Sydney by the back of his neck, the lead correctional officer immediately handcuffed him.

"Good job in the talent show. You were the best joke tonight."

Sydney was feeling sorrow. The entire floor was now on lockdown, so he knew the right abuse was coming. Escorting Sydney back to his cell, the lead correctional officer removed his shackles upon arrival at the cell door. He opened it and then shoved Sydney inside to the floor. Before leaving, he told Sydney.

"It is a shame. Nothing works out for you."

As the lead correctional officer shut the cell door, he walked away laughing. Scanning his area, Sydney picked himself up when the coast was clear. He wanted to avoid eye contact with his cellmate, so he walked with his head down and marched directly to his usual resting spot. He shouted.

"At last, I am finally safe."

Sydney did what he would normally do to pass some time. He laid on his soft cushion foam and stared at the wall in his cell. Unfortunately, there were no windows in his cell or throughout the prison. So, Sydney used the mysterious shadows on the wall to create his own short story.

“Let us see. Shadow 1 does not like shadow 3. Shadow 2 secretly despises shadow 1. Does it look like shadows 2 and 3 are teaming up against shadow 1? Ugh. Oh no. I am lost. How do I keep this story going?”

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