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#CreateMeaning (LinkedIn Post)

· What’s your advice for people who want to make their current role or workplace more meaningful and inspiring? What have you done in the past to refocus and find purpose in your work?

When I first saw this topic, I felt moved to share some advice (derived from a previous experience) on how to refocus and find purpose in your work. A while back, I worked at a company that had issues with miscommunication and mistreatment from management and an unwillingness to promote or reward employees. These issues led to low morale and consistent high turnover. I wanted to quit but I could not leave the position due to a tough job market. There came a day when I was having an especially difficult time at my current role. Then it came to me - I need to empower myself in order to stay productive at my job. After that realization, I decided to change how I thought about my current role and workplace.

This change involved shifting my mindset from “I need meaningful and inspiring work” to I have a role in my workplace that is meaningful and inspiring. Here is why this advice is so helpful. The day I shifted my mindset to “I have”, I started to appreciate every moment involved in my role and workplace. Therefore, I started to enjoy doing things like pulling up at my parking spot, making conversation with my coworkers in the breakroom, assisting my teammates with their projects, and volunteering to take on more assignments from upper management. When my coworkers and superiors saw my positive behavior, I was unexpectedly recognized for going the extra mile and the majority of upper management and coworkers showed me love and appreciation. To conclude this post, I want you all to remember that “gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more.”

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