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Blog #8: Synchronicity Is the Key to Understanding the Universe Part 3 [FINAL]

Updated: Jul 1, 2021


Happy Holidays from The R-n-R Hour™! I hope you all can still enjoy this time, even with our current global events. Without further ado, welcome to the last blog post of our first series. My goal is to keep this final blog post short and to the point. So, let us get started. We will focus on aligning and better-paying attention to the signs of synchronicity for today's content.


In the previous blog posts (#6 and #7) of this series, I said that the universe reveals itself through synchronicity by the execution of a meaningful coincidence. The universe executes meaningful coincidences by lining up events, people, and the environment to serve the purpose of teaching a lesson. Therefore, without fully understanding this concept. We can assume that synchronicity works in our favor. So, you are probably asking yourself. I am ready to participate in synchronicity, so what is the first step?

The answer is simple. You only have to surrender. Surrender what you say? Surrender your expectations for particular outcomes in life.

Surrendering is the best way to work with synchronicity. By surrendering, it opens the door to the infinite possibilities of synchronicity. I will share my story so that everything can make sense. Before I learned about synchronicity, I had a severe problem with my expectations of life and the need to control my environment and the people around me, e.g., career and finances. The more I kept trying to control everything; the more things began to go wrong, like poor performance at my job and turmoil in my friendships. And in a short period, my failure to fully control every area in my life led to a severe anxiety and depression case.

When I finally hit rock bottom in life, I was introduced to synchronicity by a close friend. This introduction and continual education lead me to let go of my life expectations and pain from my failures. I can gladly say that I was able to turn my life around and find my real purpose in life. I hope with my story, you all will learn the benefits of surrendering to synchronicity. Now, I want you all to understand. You may not get that new car, a promotion at your job, become the most popular or win a million dollars. However, what the universe offers is far greater than anything you can obtain in this material existence. It is the peace of mind that life, in due time, will work for you.


Thanks for reading, everyone. Please sign up for my blog for full access to my content. Also, check out my first book, His 7 Deadly Kins! If you want a free sample, please email me at Before you leave my website, please go to my RnR Products page! You can check out some of the products presented by Amazon (maybe you can purchase an item if interested). I bought two out of the three items, and I can say they have been great for my spiritual growth and daily meditation.

Lastly, I look forward to seeing you all on January 7th, 2020, for the last blog post of this series, Blog #9: Why the Phrase "As Within, So Without" Should Be the Theme for You to Focus On in 2021?


The R-n-R Hour™

© 2020

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