Blog #7: Synchronicity Is the Key to Understanding the Universe Part 2.

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I welcome all to the second blog post in this series from The R-n-R Hour™. In the first blog post (#6) of this series, we dive deep into synchronicity. For those who did not get a chance to read it, I introduce the concept, originator, and an example to better understand the concept. If you are interested, you can go back to the blog post (#6) for further details. Today's blog post will focus on what happens when you do not follow or chose not to pay attention to synchronicity. Therefore, I hope you all enjoy this series thus far. Let me know what you think in the comment section or like the blog post (#7). Before I continue, I want to remind everybody.

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Let us pick up where we last stop in the blog post (#6). I was getting ready to describe a meaningful coincidence in synchronicity. However, I decided to save the explanation for this blog post. So, now. Here is my description before I address the topic for today. If you remember the rude cashier and then avoiding a deadly collision scenario from the blog post (#6), I distinctly said. The universe reveals itself through synchronicity by the execution of meaningful coincidence. By revealing itself, the universe creates meaningful coincidences by lining up events, people, and the environment to serve the purpose of teaching a lesson. The lesson is what makes the coincidence meaningful.

Wonderful! Now that is out the way. Let us start today's topic. We will focus on what happens when you do not follow or chose not to pay attention to synchronicity. I will try my best to keep my explanation simple so that I will start with this statement. Everything and everyone has a role in this universe. The purpose of everyone's role is to provide a valuable lesson from an accumulation of life experiences. This lesson is for us to grow spiritually by an elevation in consciousness. You are probably asking yourself. Great. You are giving me the big picture, but how does this relate to not honoring synchronicity? I will give you this. When we choose to no play our role in the universe, we are selfishly preventing the universe from revealing itself and implementing its divine will.

To give you a better understanding of what happens when you do not pay attention or refuse to follow synchronicity, I will use a four-way intersection as an example for my explanation. For those who are not familiar with this stop, it is a specific intersection where all four traffic directions come to a stop and then take turns proceeding through. Now. I want you all to imagine this example. You are approaching a four-way intersection in your car, and you come to a complete stop. You look in each direction of traffic, and you wait until everyone that came first takes their turn to go. You are in the clear when a new car, on the other side of you, does not want to wait its turn and decides to take off. Feeling the surprise, you try to take off, but a new set of cars is ready to go at the four-way intersection. I know this example is funny but try to see it from this perspective. Because you did not drive off at the right time, you are now waiting for the new people to go so you can go to reach your destination on time. I want you all to take this lesson to heart.

"When we do not obey the road's signs and rules of the universe, we interrupt the natural flow of the universe. Thus, interfering with others' and our growth to our final destination. This family is what happens when you do not follow or chose not to pay attention to synchronicity. You create one big mess that extremely difficult to unravel."


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I look forward to seeing you all on December 24th, 2020, for the last blog post of this series, Blog #8: Synchronicity Is the Key to Understanding the Universe Part 3.


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