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Blog #6: Synchronicity Is the Key to Understanding the Universe Part 1.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021


Come one, come all! Welcome to the first series from The R-n-R Hour™. In this series, which includes a total of 3 blog posts, we will take a look at the concept of synchronicity. My goal is to introduce the concept in this blog post and then briefly provide some context. The second blog post in this series focuses on what happens when you do not follow or chose not to pay attention to synchronicity. You will see that blog post on December 10th, 2020. And for the last blog post, we will look at how we can align our actions and thoughts with synchronicity. This blog post will be available on December 24th, 2020. Overall, I hope you enjoy the first series, and let me know what you think in the comment section. Before I continue, I want to remind you all.

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What is synchronicity? Before I can tell you what it is, how about a brief history of this concept's origin? From my research, it was a concept introduced by Dr. Carl Jung. Living from 1875 to 1961, he was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. According to historians on Dr. Jung, he first discussed the concept in the early 1920s, and he later published the concept in a paper titled "Synchronizität als ein Prinzip akausaler Zusammenhänge." I would continue with this brief history, but it would be better for you to do further research.

To save you all some time, I will summarize what Dr. Carl Jung meant by this concept. According to Dr. Jung, he defined synchronicity as a meaningful coincidence of two or more events, where something other than the probability of chance is involved. Are you confused with the definition? It is fine. I will provide context with this scenario. I want you to visualize this.

You are finishing a trip to the grocery store. Walking to the cash register, you are met with an aggressive cashier. As you continue, the cashier is extremely rude in their interaction with you. You ask yourself. What is this person's problem? But you cannot understand the reason for your mistreatment. Some time passes, and the transaction is complete. You then leave the store, and you quickly get to your car. You start to unravel emotionally because the interaction made you question. Why me? You begin driving, and you cannot get the interaction off your mind. As you continue to drive, you begin to not focus on the road. You start to swerve into other lanes, but you are able to snap back into attention. Seeing the sign for your exit, you make a right turn to head home.

While still stewing in your emotions, you are not paying attention to your surroundings at all. Out of nowhere, you fail to see the bicyclist that comes out of nowhere. Seeing the bicyclist at the last minute you break, preventing a deadly collision. However, you still slightly nick the bicyclist.

Now. I know this scenario is extreme, but I want to emphasize how two events can come together. I know the meaningful coincidence is missing, but I want to focus on how synchronicity works. For those who are curious, a meaningful coincidence in synchronicity connects two events in order to provide a lesson. I will explain that part in the next blog post. Okay, you are probably asking yourself. This scenario is interesting, but why is understanding synchronicity meaningful? I have bills, a family, a job, and so many other obligations to attend. What good is it to learn about synchronicity? Well, I will give this answer. The universe reveals itself through synchronicity. By the universe lining up events, people, and environment, you are where you need to be. Therefore, you are moving within the will of the universe, but we will cover that in the next blog post.


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I look forward to seeing you all on December 10th, 2020, for a continuation of this series, Blog #7: Synchronicity Is the Key to Understanding the Universe Part 2.


The R-n-R Hour™

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