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Blog #4: How to Achieve Your Higher Self.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Congratulations! You made it to the 4th blog post, and you are probably wondering, “When will I receive content that leads to my transformation to something bigger and better?” Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have the perfect blog post for you.

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Welcome back! Now, let us focus on the topic at hand. For today, we will look at how to achieve your higher self. You are probably asking yourself the following: (1) What is that? and (2) How do I accomplish it? The answer to your first question is simple. Achieving your higher self is merely the realization (i.e., acceptance) of your true self (i.e., uniqueness). I will let you determine who your true self is, but I will provide an example. You are a business executive for a very time-consuming Fortune 500 company as your career, but you truly enjoy helping the less fortunate every week (this could be your true self). For the second question, the answer is not simple enough to say outright. However, I will take a crack at it by sharing a previous dream of mine to answer how you can achieve your higher self.

It was a week and one day ago when I had this lucid dream:

I was in an empty room. The walls were dull, vanilla-colored. I stood up to look around the room, and I had a slight headache. I made my way to open the blinds, but the rays and illumination from the sun were an eerily blood red to my dismay. This sight made me feel uneasy, so I decided to leave this bare room. I went to turn the doorknob, and it took an eternity to get the door open. I finally opened the door, and I cautiously exited the room. As I entered the hallway, I felt more uncomfortable. It especially showed in my movement. I was carefully gripping the walls. I avoided looking at a large number of mirrors throughout the hallway. Without understanding the scene, I just kept moving. I walked to the kitchen to understand my surroundings when I heard the roar of a tiger.

Shaking at my core, I could not believe what I was hearing. When I looked in the direction of the roar, I saw a vicious tiger. Shocked beyond belief, I ran directly back to the empty room. Feeling an insurmountable amount of fear, I plotted to escape this house. When I opened the room door, I saw this tiger, and I rushed to the front door. I looked over at the tiger, and I could see it rushing towards me. Rushing to escape its grasp, I fell to the ground. I could see the tiger hit the wall headfirst. Seizing the opportunity, I mustered enough energy to get up and run towards the front door. At the front door, I went to grab the doorknob, but I froze. Something told me to stay, but the roar from behind and the tiger’s growing presence caused me to cave. I opened the front door in utter fear. Opening the front door, I was able to leave the house. Without hesitation, I made sure the tiger could not escape this house by holding the front door shut.


So, here is my best explanation using the dream of how to achieve your high self. As we break down the dream, I think the home represents my true self (higher self). I also look at it from the perspective that we feel safe and comfortable in our home. So we can conclude that being our higher self (home) is feeling safe within ourselves. When we think about the tiger, it illustrates my fear (judgment from society). Therefore, my answer to the second question (How do I accomplish achieving my higher self) is this: To achieve your higher self, you have to embrace your fear. The fear of living in your truth.

You are maybe asking yourself. In the dream, why did you feel uneasy when walking throughout the home? Why did you want to stay in the home when approached by the tiger? Those questions are a blog post for another day. But if you feel uneasy being your true self, I suggest using this simple practice. When faced with fear (tiger), imagine yourself standing still. Calmly look into the eyes of your fear (tiger) and do not turn away. You stand tall and maintain eye contact with your fear (tiger) at all times. Achieving your higher self merely is embracing your truth (house) without fear. So, do not allow fear to chase you out of accepting yourself (your own home)!


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I look forward to seeing you all on November 12th, 2020, for Blog #5: How You Not Practicing Forgiveness Will Hurt You?


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