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Blog #3: How a Water Well Is the Solution to Your Feelings of Emptiness.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Hello Everyone,

Do you feel empty on the inside? Are you ready to do something about it? I got the perfect solution for you.

Before we get started, this blog needs support for its continual expansion. Therefore, click out of this blog post and check out some of the products below presented by Amazon (maybe you can purchase an item if interested). I bought two out of the three items, and I can say. They have been great for my spiritual growth and daily meditation. Now, back to the topic at hand.

Welcome back to another episode of The R-n-R Hour™. For a quick introduction, this blog is a simple reminder to take the time to Reflect and Reconcile with the negative thoughts plaguing our minds. Our goal is to overcome negative thoughts by achieving our higher self, e.g., knowing oneself. So, here I go. This blog post is the byproduct of a car ride to and from a grocery store. On my way home, I could not get off my mind that I needed to impress my director in an upcoming presentation to my department and, eventually, the entire company. That thought process was so emotionally draining. I started to feel depressed with the thoughts that my coworkers could have negative opinions about my presentation. If you are like me, you want to make an excellent first, second, and third impression on everyone. However, this mindset is toxic and will drain you. Here is why.

When we concern ourselves with what other people think about us, we take water from our water well and, unfortunately, waste it on those who do not deserve it. Remember, the water well is spiritually our energy and fuel source, so you must protect it at all costs. It does not quickly replenish, so maintain your energy. Use the following practice when you feel negative in other people's presence. You also can use this practice when entertaining the thoughts of self-criticism. For the first step, close your eyes and calm yourself by slowly breathing in and out. Please make sure you are in a safe place. Preferably a quiet room. Now.

Picture yourself using one hand to hold an empty bucket (other people/negative thoughts) while looking into shallow water well (your energy source). You see that there is a small amount of water in the well. Imagine yourself using your other hand to scoop up water from the shallow water well into the bucket. At this point, stop yourself, and ask this question out loud. Is this worth it? Do I want to take this well (my energy) and transfer to this bucket (other people/negative thoughts)? You decide you do not want to waste this energy, so you pour the water from the bucket back into the water well. You realize that the well only goes so deep, and there is only so much water (energy). Do not waste what little is left. Take this lesson with you. If you can master maintaining your energy (holding on to the water in the water well), you will never feel emptiness again.

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I look forward to seeing you all on October 29th, 2020, for Blog #4: How to Achieve your Higher Self.


The R-n-R Hour™

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