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Blog #15: Why Is the Phrase “As Within, So Without” so Important?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

[from the As Within, So Without Series Part 5]


Hello everyone! My name is Ray Rogers, and I am the senior writer at The R-N-R Hour™. For today, I am sad to announce that this blog post is the last in the “As Within, So Without” series. I hope everyone has been able to learn something from this series. Before we begin, do you remember the first post of 2021? If not, I introduced the phrase in Blog #9 and said, “when you begin to learn more about this phrase, you will then possess the most powerful tool in turning your dreams into reality.” I truly meant every word in that statement and, for this blog post, I will share Why Is the Phrase “As Within, So Without” So Important? Please do not worry everyone. This blog post will be short and to the point.


To start our discussion, I know throughout this series the phrase’s importance remained mostly elusive. However, I want to share a previous experience at a job to illustrate why this phrase is so important. When I began this job, I was given two options for an assignment. The first assignment was significantly easier according to my supervisor and he was, strangely enough, quiet about the second assignment. I am not really sure why, but I choose the latter.

For the second assignment, I discovered it involved machines that were over forty years old and in poor condition. Thankfully, I was assigned a trainer, but the environment was still overwhelming. Sadly, I did not take a lot of notes or listen to my trainers’ advice. Nevertheless, with guidance, I was able to meet management’s production goals for the day with my trainer. When I started to work by myself, I completely collapsed. It got so bad after that. I went several days without making management’s production goals. I had my worse day ever, and I completely gave up. I came to the realization that I could not do my job.

Feeling terrible about my failure I started to feel negative and began to blame others. I even made things worse by becoming confrontational with coworkers. As they would say, I was looking for a fight with everyone besides addressing my problems with the machine. I was at an all-time low when a friend introduced the phrase “As Within, So Without” to me. To collect myself, I took some time off from work to learn about this phrase. When it was time for me to return to work, on my first day back, I made a commitment. I would consciously stop myself from collapsing or thinking negatively. The more I kept doing this, the more I could focus on my job. I also noticed that chaos around me became less and less over an extended period of time. I eventually became more competent at my job. I even got to the point that, even during the chaos, I was able to dive into an inner peace that kept me empowered throughout a tough day at work.


Now, you all are probably thinking, “the machine works with no issues! Working at my job now is probably smooth sailing.” I am sorry to inform everyone, but this machine still goes crazy. But let us look at the bigger picture. The phrase helped by making me less frantic in my response to the chaos of the machine and the environment of the job. In addition, the phrase improved my ability to accurately see the problem with the machines. Thus, making it easier to fix the machine malfunctions.

To end this series, I want to share this point. Life can be like the machine at my job. It may not be the best assignment. It may be full of chaos consistently all around you. For some of you all, it may not work at all. However, my experience has taught me that surrendering to this circumstance and not allowing your feelings to drift into fantasy or disarray will allow you to accomplish the important prize in life. You will hold the power to achieve an inner peace that will eventually propel you to see the pattern on how to solve the riddle of chaos in life. So, why is the phrase “As Within, So Without” so important? The answer is simple. It gives you inner peace, and that is a reality I desperately need. I hope you all enjoyed the series. Take care, everyone!


I want to present this opportunity before I close Blog post #15. If you would like to post your literary work in the realm of spirituality or philosophy on my website, please do not hesitate to email me. You can email me at

Finally, I look forward to seeing you all on May 31st, 2021, for Blog #16: The “As Within, So Without” Series: Post Reflection


The R-N-R Hour™

© 2021

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