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Blog #13: As the World Spins, Are You Spinning with It?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

[a Quick Reflection in the As Within, So Without Series]


Hello everyone! I was going to publish Blog #14: Being Yourself Is All That You Can Do. However, I thought this moment would be an excellent opportunity to take a quick break from the series. You are probably asking yourself, “What are we going to discuss in this blog post?” To make this quick, I want to share a brief message about the importance of confidence in your decisions. So, let us start this blog post with a story.


By the way, I will use fictitious names to help with the flow and clarity of this story. Several years ago, I was on a lunch break when I overheard a conversation between several coworkers. A lady name Carol was finishing her lunch and was getting ready to return to work when she asked a male coworker, “would you like my chocolate chip cookie?” With a respectful response, the male coworker named John politely denied Carol’s gift. In disbelief, Carol continually offered this desert. She was persistent in giving her desert to John. Carol went as far as to walk right up to his table to offer the chocolate chip cookie.

John repeatedly told her no thank you, and she should save the cookie for herself later. John even told her, “come on now, I do not deserve it.” Carol continued to ask John until another coworker named Sam yelled from the corner of the break room, “go ahead and give me the cookie.” When John heard this, he yelled back at Sam and spoke, “You are greedy. You already got a cookie.” To my surprise, the entire lunchroom joined in verbally rebuking Sam. Looking back at everyone in the lunchroom while he made his way to Carol to grab the chocolate chip cookie, Sam playfully responded, “you have not because you ask not.”


If you did not take anything away from this short story, please try to understand these lessons. When you decide that you deserve what your heart desires, you will (within reason) get what you want. You can look at it from this perspective. By accepting your decisions within, you are ensuring its successful manifestation without.

The second lesson in this story is. You should always feel good (confident) about your decisions because it is an individual’s source of power. Confidence gives you the mental clarity and fortitude to go for what you want or the sense of security. By allowing people to influence your decision, you are forfeiting your power. Therefore, do not let the fear of any possible negative reactions from family or peers make you feel terrible about your decision. Sam is the perfect example of this. In Sam’s circumstance, he wanted the dessert, and he went for it. He was not spinning with the world! Take it from me. Do not allow other people to influence your decision because following someone else’s will leave you repeatedly second-guessing yourself.


I want to present this opportunity before I close Blog post #13. If you would like to post your literary work in the realm of spirituality or philosophy on my website, please do not hesitate to email me. You can email me at

Our third quote for 2021 is, "those who venture away from the path laid in front of them should not be surprised when there is no protection at first sight of trouble.” Let me know what you all think about this quote through email.

Finally, I look forward to seeing you all on March 18th, 2021, for Blog #14: Being Yourself Is All That You Can Do. [from the As Within, So Without Series Part 4].


The R-N-R Hour™

© 2021

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