Blog #11: How Your Ego Is the Blueprint of Your Life?

Updated: Jul 2

[from the As Within, So Without Series Part 2]


Greetings from The R-N-R Hour™! Picking up from where we last left in our discussion, let us now venture into Part 2 of the As Within, So Without series. In Blog post #10, I asked you all to reread my restaurant experience in your spare time and contemplate the two questions at the end of that blog post. I hope everyone was able to accomplish that. For today's blog post, my goal is to answer one of the two questions. Now, you might be asking yourself, are we going to address the title, how your ego is the blueprint of your life? Please rest assured my friends. By answering this question, we will indirectly address the title. So, let us get started.


To begin this blog post, we will focus on the first question from Blog post #10, how do our negative feelings and thoughts influence our interactions with people, events, and the environment? To answer this question, we must expand upon our understanding of the ego. From Blog post #10, we learned that the ego is what we feel and think about ourselves. Now to expand upon this, we should consider that what we feel and think about ourselves is influenced by our perception of ourselves and how we fit in the world. This perception is usually the result of social conditioning from people, events, and your environment. We will talk more about social conditioning in the next blog post.

Keeping our eye on the prize, I want to emphasize to everyone that expanding this definition illustrates the impact that ego has on our lives. Therefore, we can now connect the ego and our lives with this statement. The ego serves as a blueprint to our lives by controlling how we see the world. We can summarize our explanation with a simple statement. If we feel or think badly about ourselves, we are more likely to see everything around us (people, place, and things) as bad.

I know this message is tough to accept. However, I want to provide some words of encouragement. We create our reality, so we are not trapped by our ego and its negative impact. I also firmly believe that by understanding our ego's influential power on ourselves and others, we can turn the pendulum and make our ego work in our favor.


Now that everybody knows how our ego is the blueprint to life, you might be asking yourself: how can I make sure my ego (what we feel and think about ourselves) is positive? Well, you are in luck. I have a strategy for everyone to use in their downtime. We are going to use a mantra. Why a mantra? In my honest opinion, a mantra is a pleasant reminder to stay positive. Therefore, I strongly suggest using this mantra and frequently repeating this statement when you feel or think negatively about yourself.

"My inner world influences my outer world, and the outer world reinforces my inner world. I will not let my negativity be in and outside of me."

If you still feel your ego harms you or your loved ones after using this mantra, please stay tuned to the next blog post.


· I want to present this opportunity before I close Blog post #11. If you would like to post your literary work in the realm of spirituality or philosophy on my website, please do not hesitate to email me. You can email me at

· My next point will be more fun for everyone. Starting today, I want to provide quotes for my readers to think about in their free time. Therefore, here is our first quote for 2021, "the spark of life starts with the synchronization of your thoughts and actions." Let me know what you all think about this quote through email.

· Finally, I look forward to seeing you all on February 18th, 2021, for Blog #12: A Damaged Ego Creates a Damaged Perception [from the As Within, So Without Series Part 3].


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