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Blog #10: How the Ego Within Affects the World Without.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

[from the As Within, So Without Series Part 1]


The R-n-R Hour™ welcomes everybody to the first blog post of 2021! This blog post is also the first in a series to study the phrase “As Within, So Without.” In the last blog post, I made a quick announcement about potential content for everyone to review. I also provided a phrase as a potential New Year’s resolution for all of my readers. It was “As Within, So Without.” I purposefully did not explain its meaning in the previous post because this topic needs multiple blog posts to allow for a complete explanation of this beautiful and powerful concept. Therefore, my goal with this series is to present the phrase as a useful spiritual tool for your eventual growth towards enlightenment. So, let us get started.


A simple explanation of the phrase “As Within, So Without” is: What we feel and think about ourselves directly impacts how we experience events, people, and our surrounding environment. There is a more elaborate explanation, but I want you to see the bigger picture and its impact on later blog posts. For the sake of simplicity in our discussion, we will call what we feel and think about ourselves as our ego. I feel this term is more than appropriate because of my research in the subject matter. Many experts in the field of psychoanalytic theory describe our ego as an individual’s accumulation of experiences. Experiences are not necessarily fact-based but instead are colored by our perceptions. Also, experts speak on how our ego is in a dynamic relationship with the id and superego to create the complex call the human personality. Still, we will save that discussion for a later day.

However, you are probably asking yourself, “that is it?” Are we already done with the blog post? Not so fast, my friends! If you read my previous blog posts, you already know that I enjoy sharing stories from my personal experiences. I passionately believe that storytelling can help us dive deeper into the details of a concept or subject matter. Therefore, let us go more in-depth. I will share this story.

I was driving to a city about an hour away from my hometown, and I became hungry. I also felt a slight headache on the right side of my forehead. So, I decided to pull over and purchase some food from a popular restaurant. At this point, I started to feel terrible, passive, and trapped. Also, I felt burdened with multiple negative thoughts, which was nothing new to me. As I approached the cashier, I was slightly shaking and had a difficult time saying my order. When I finished my order, I noticed the cashier was not fully attentive. I tried to correct the cashier, but the employee was not interested in making the necessary corrections. I was so baffled by the experience. I had a strange feeling that I was the one to blame for the blunder.


With that, we will end the story here. You all are probably thinking that this situation in the restaurant is nothing more than an example of terrible customer service. I am sorry to disappoint everyone. There is more to the story! Until the next blog post, I want you all to reread this story from a spiritual perspective and then ask yourself. How does this story relate to our phrase “As Within, So Without”? How do negative feelings and thoughts influence our interactions? If you can see the importance of my actions in your reflections, then you are on the right path to better understand the phrase “As Within, So Without.” Therefore, we will continue to unpack this phrase in the next blog post about how our ego creates our reality.


Last but not least, I want to present this opportunity before I close the blog post. If you would like to post your literary work in the realm of spirituality or philosophy on my website, please do not hesitate to email me. You can email me at

I look forward to seeing you all on February 4th, 2021, for Blog #11: How Your Ego Is the Blueprint of Your Life? [from the As Within, So Without Series Part 2]


The R-n-R Hour™

© 2021

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