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Blog #1: How to Overcome Negative Thoughts with One Simple Trick.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Good Morning Everyone,

I want to share an easy trick I use to overcome my negative thoughts. Since childhood, I have always struggled with self-criticism. Ranging from “am I good enough?” to feeling uncomfortable with myself, I have plenty of negative thoughts that could encompass a lifetime worth of science fiction novels. Naively, I tried my best to avoid these negative thoughts by consuming multiple forms of entertainment (e.g., music and sports). Unfortunately, I still found myself succumbing to negativity. Feeling my negative thoughts lead to a dead-end, I developed a practice to quiet my mind. Therefore, here is my strategy to overcome negative thoughts.

First, I get myself comfortable in a quiet room. Being comfortable could be clearing the space or turning off all the lights. It is really up to you on what makes you feel comfortable. Next, I slowly breathe in and out until I am fully relaxed. I then take a seat and close my eyes. Imagining my negative thoughts as cattle, I take an hour to picture myself gathering each cattle into a small stable. Once I collect them all (I usually feel a sense of peace), I again imagine myself closing the gate. Making sure to smile, I say out loud, “I will not allow my negative thoughts to run free.” I finish this practice by directing my focus to something positive, like envisioning myself accomplishing a goal. In my case, I like to imagine myself as a successful author in the genre of fiction.

From my results, I strongly believe in this practice. By centering our negative thoughts, we are not dismissing them. We are merely acknowledging their presence and removing their power by directing our focus to something more tangible and productive.

All in all, conquering negative thoughts is not an easy task. However, this simple practice can be a first step in regaining control over your mind! Thanks for reading, everyone. By the way, please check out His 7 Deadly Kins! The eBook is now available for purchase on Kindle eBook (Amazon).

I look forward to seeing you all on October 1st, 2020, for Blog #2: How this Consistent Regimen can Manifest Anything You Want at Any time.


The R-n-R Hour

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